Iris Beneš




35000 Slavonski Brod - Croatia

A professional background in law, along with interests in human rights and nature conservation, have led Iris to her current engagement in civil society projects and initiatives, where she is keen to find practical solutions for problems, exchange
knowledge, and advocate for grassroots initiatives. Iris is active in biodiversity and landscape conservation (especially floodplains), traditional architecture, old breeds , natural and cultural heritage, conservation law and policies, and conservation
advocacy. Having volunteered on these issues since 1989, and having engaged professionally for 15 years her passion is to maintain the land of her grandparents (Gajna -extensive communal pasture rich in biodiversity), now preserved in all its beauty
by the local community. A member of national councils and working groups in sustainable agriculture/nature protection, Iris also works as a programme manager for BED, a grassroots NGO in Croatia (ICCA Consortium Member).