Rita Serra




Serpins 3200 Lousã - Portugal


Rita Serra, PhD in Biological and Chemical Engineering, is a researcher at the Center for Social Studies since 2008. She integrates the Research Group on Science, Economy and Society (NECES). Her focus is the community governance of forests, inclusion and exclusion. She coordinated the project SCRAM - Crises, risk management and new socio-ecological arrangements for forests - a perspective of the science and technology studies (2010-2013), funded by the FCT. She coordinated, with Giovanni Allegretti, the European project COMUNIX - Ative participation of young people in the governance of community areas (2017). In the last five years, she published two books, two book chapters in international publications and two scientific papers in indexed journals. Previously she studied the fungi and mycotoxins of cork and wine grapes. She described three new species and is a mushroomer.